The Center’s Staff

Matt Huckabay, Executive Director
Mary Korkeila, Chief Financial Officer

Julie Sena, Community Affairs Coordinator


Emma Owens, Operations Manager/Program Analyst

Dave Jansson, Client Services Administrator


Intervention Services

Julia Hackett, MA Client Services Coordinator

Billie F, Administrative Services / Volunteer Manager
Elva M, Latina Outreach Advocate/Safe House
Betty G, Legal Advocate
Mary B, Case Manager
Sarah P, Case Manager

Patrica P, Case Manager

Bruce Granick, Positive Solutions Lead Facilitator

Legal Services
Carmen B, Legal Services Coordinator
Janet B, DV/DA Advocate
Layla C, Family Law Advocate

Prevention and Education
Cathy Bourland, Community Education Coordinator
Stevie M, Community Education Assistant

Volunteer Management
Billie F, Volunteer Manager

Community Outreach/Media Requests
Kym Andrews-Cardoza, Community Outreach Coordinator