As the holidays approach, many of us feel a wonderful sense of joy as we look forward to holiday festivities – decorating, baking, shopping, and celebrating with family and friends.

Here at The Center we are reminded that – for many of our clients, this time of year brings too little joy and too much pain and and newborn

This week, while helping out at the safe house, I had the chance to see one of our case managers move a first time mother and her new born baby girl into the safe house. I watched as this young mom and The Center’s case manager carried the few personal belongings they were able to gather before needing to flee into the our safe house

With tears welling in my eyes, I couldn’t help but wonder what this beautiful young mom and her infant had experienced that resulted in them needing a safe place to live. My heart filled with gratitude that there was a safe place for her to come and that generous community members made sure she would have everything necessary for her to begin the process of building a life safe from abuse for her and her child.

It is my hope that this Holiday season you will join me in ensuring the safe house is always available for moms and their children, and you can join me by donating $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1000 dollars to support this mom and her newborn, as well as other women and children who walk through the doors of our safe house.

Your generous support means so much to our clients. You can warm hearts again this year and make the holidays and spread the joy of the season with others.

Your gift, large or small, can bring great joy to our clients this holiday season. Please Donate Today.

You can make this holiday season one of joy for local individuals or families who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence.

Thank YOU!

With warmest holiday wishes,
Lisa Ford Berry
Director of Business Development & Marketing

P.S. Why not make your gift a monthly donation? Think of the difference your monthly offering of $25, $50, $100 or $500 a month could make in the lives of the women and children who have experience sexual assault or domestic violence. Click here to make your donation today.

Or mail your contribution to:

The Center for Violence-Free Relationships

344 Placerville Drive, Ste. 11

Placerville, CA 95667

Checks may be made payable to: THE CENTER