Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

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Join us in April 2016! 

What is the Walk a Mile in HER Shoes Challenge?

There’s an old saying: “You can’t really understand a person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”  Well The Center’s Walk aMoalli Bossung Thomas Brown  Mile in HER Shoes Challenge does just that!  We ask men to walk a mile in women’s high heeled shoes to raise awareness about sexual assault in our community and beyond.

So why high heels?  Because every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted in the US and unfortunately, sexual assault is a gender based crime where women are most likely the victims.  Too often women are blamed for the assault based on what they are wearing such as high heels and short skirts.

Each year, an ever-increasing number of men, women and their families are joining The Center in raising awareness about sexual assault in our community.  Our Walk a Mile in HER Shoes Challenge is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes and effects that come from sexual assault.

The Center’s Walk a Mile in HER Shoes Challenge is a community event to raise awareness and funds to support and prevent sexual assault in our community. This year really is a challenge. Walkers will be challenged to walk a full mile down Main Street in Placerville, California in high heels with the support of their team of supporters and family members.

The event is great for individuals of all ages who can participate in a beautiful walk and post-walk success party!   The event is open to the public and we encourage families to attend together.  The Center also invites local companies to form teams and get their employees out in the community!  It is a great opportunity for employees to gather outside of the workplace with their families, friends, co-workers and clients while making a valuable contribution to their community.

Why sexual assault?

Sexual Assault is happening is our community, and as a community we can decrease the number of assaults and increase the percentage of victims reporting the assault. The FBI estimates that one-in-three women and one-in-six men will be sexually assaulted in their lives. These statistics leave little doubt that most Americans know at least one sexual assault survivor. Last year, The Center helped 208 people affected by sexual assault in our community.

As a community we have a responsibility to create a safe environment.  In the past, the responsibility of ending sexual assault has been incorrectly placed on victims by emphasizing risk reduction and personal safety strategies that do not work by themselves.  Information, education and action are key components in empowering everyone to be a part of the solution.  We need your help to support The Center’s efforts to create a healthier community through teaching children how to form healthy interpersonal relationships and supporting survivors of sexual assault and their families.

Thanks to our event sponsors!

Blue Shield of California

Placerville Rotary

Umpqua Bank

RTS Computer Services

Carbon Copy

Barsotti’s Family Juices