Nonviolent Communication Foundations

January 27-March 24, 2014 from 6-8 p.m. (Mondays)

This 8-week workshop will focus on teaching participants Nonviolent Communication (NVC), founded by Marshall Rosenberg over 40 years ago. NVC has been used around the world to mediate conflicts, nurture relationships, and promote peace. NVC is also known in some circles as “giraffe language” because the giraffe has the largest heart of all land mammals. The giraffe symbolizes having a large heart for compassion for one self and others.

“Communication is an essential ingredient to resolving conflict and experiencing healthy relationships,” says lead facilitator and trainer Eddie Zacapa, who uses giraffe ears and puppets to illustrate giraffe language in his workshops, “The words we use greatly determine the quality of connection we have with others. Learning to use words that are life affirming can make all the difference.”

In this workshop participants work with the NVC process and spend a week on each step in the 8-step process of NVC. We will examine the principle(s) behind each step. If you are interested in learning nonviolent communication for the first time or gaining a deeper knowledge and practice of the process this is the workshop to attend.

You can contact us at 530-626-1450 to register for the class or for more information. You can also email the Eddie at