Youth Programs

Healthy Relationships – high school level; single or multi-sessions.  What is the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship?  This program explores the dynamics of teen dating relationships, “red flags” seen early on in abusive relationships, the media, and tools in creating healthy relationships whether with a friend, family member, or intimate partner.

Bully Prevention – elementary and middle school levels; multi-sessions.  Our very popular T.E.A.C.H. (Teens Educating Against Classmate Harassment) Program is a youth-adult partnership, school supported program dedicated to eliminating bullying and harassment.  This creative program reflects the five supports and opportunities of the Youth Development Framework, as well as incorporating Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets.  Students take on leadership roles by leading sessions and school-wide projects in a safe, nurturing environment where they get to express themselves, learn valuable skills, and share information.

Cyberbullying – all ages; single or multi-session.  Either incorporated in our prevention programs or as a standalone program, individuals learn the different types and forms of cyberbullying, who does it and why, as well as safeguards for you and your family.

Personal Safety – all ages; single session or multi-sessions for persons with developmental disabilities. This program takes a comprehensive look at safety and risk reduction using the Women’s Empowerment Model to educate and empower individuals on their basic right to feel safe.

My Strength is Not for Hurting – a social marketing campaign that is geared for boys 14 – 18 years of age including a 16-session MY Strength Club that uses peer-to-peer contact to create new social norms around masculinity promoting gender equality and preventing men’s violence. Click Here to go to The Center’s MyStrength Blog

Click here to view the My Strength Union Mine High School Denim Day

Gender Stereotyping and the Media – all ages; single or multi-session. What is a stereotype and how does it play a role in violence?  What is media literacy?  This program helps youth explore the media world and how we become desensitized to images and words seen over and over.