Legal Services

The Center provides legal services to many clients. The services include:

(1)   Obtaining a restraining order;

(2)   Filing for a divorce or legal separation including support and property issues;

(3)   Establishing a child custody and visitation order;

(4)   Advocacy and accompaniment with family law matters relating to domestic violence or sexual assault;

(5)   Advocacy and accompaniment with criminal matters relating to domestic violence or sexual assault.

Restraining Order Program assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with preparation of restraining order forms, filing the order and accompanying victims to court.

Dissolution/Legal Separation Program assists with the preparation of dissolution or legal separation documents, filing and follow-through to completion of the process.  A volunteer accompanies clients to court for mediation  and Order to Show Cause hearings.

Criminal Advocacy Program assists victims of domestic violence  and sexual assault through the criminal justice system. The Criminal Justice Advocate works with law enforcement, the courts, probation and the District Attorney’s Office

To access these services please call our 24 hour help line or make an appointment with a counselor. For more information about our legal services please look at our legal brochure.