Chris Barry

Chief Revenue Officer, CREtelligent

Chris Barry is a newcomer to the Center, joining the board in January of 2021.

He was motivated to serve after seeing The Center’s unique and innovative approach to developing an original curriculum that is founded in data science with a focus on continuous improvement.

Chris Barry

“The Center’s approach is groundbreaking and will serve as a model for other organizations. There’s so much to learn about ending family violence patterns. Clearly, prevention is at the core of reducing recidivism rates and building healthier communities.”

Chris sees value in the Center’s interpersonal approach to programs and services.

He envisions creating greater community understanding for what the Center offers residents of El Dorado County. He is engaged in expanding funding to scale programs and generate broader adoption of The Center’s techniques throughout California and the nation.

Chris is the chief revenue officer at CREtelligent. You can read his professional bio here