Matthew Huckabay

Executive Director

Matt Huckabay began serving in 2008 as executive director for The Center, an organization that is transforming lives, families and communities. After 5 years on the board, Matt recognized the need to expand from a crisis intervention focus to a more comprehensive approach which addresses behavioral root causes. He is dedicated to implementing strategies that are effective in ending the impacts of childhood trauma and multigenerational violence.

Matt is a change agent. He advocates for data driven programs and service delivery models to ensure positive outcomes for clients.  He is passionate about increasing the adoption of high-performance practices as a path for building high performing organizations for greater social impact.

Matt Huckabay

“We want to provide people with tools and skills so they can heal themselves and live authentic lives free from the baggage of family violence and early childhood trauma.”

In direct service delivery, Matt was instrumental in the development and facilitates The Center’s Positive Solutions program, an intervention and treatment program for people who do harm.

Working at the state level, Matt served on the Board of Directors and later as President of the federally funded California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, now called ValorUS. He was a member of the California Department of Public Health’s Rape Prevention Education Steering Committee. In addition, he served as an advisor to the Blue Shield of California Foundation – Blue Shield Against Violence and was a  member of the coordinating committee for the Foundation’s Strong Field Project initiative.

Matt is actively engaged in implementing systems change and increasing the effectiveness of service delivery for vulnerable populations through community initiatives among nonprofits, government and private sector. In Eldorado County, he led a coalition of 30 service providers to develop a series of change processes aimed at eliminating homelessness.

Matt is a Senior Fellow with the American Leadership Forum and is a member of the National Leap Ambassadors organization.