Why We Do What We Do

How We Innovate

How We Drive Change

Domestic Violence Counseling for Individuals and Families

“We came to The Center as a shattered family. The staff helped to pick up the pieces, then gave us the tools we needed to put our family back together.”

Our goal is to eliminate sexual assault and domestic violence. It is necessary to provide comprehensive services and programs to all individuals impacted by violence and abuse. We assist victims in need with their whole life experience beyond one crisis or incident.

Addressing Underlying Issues

The Center’s services and programs are designed to move beyond the immediate crisis and address dysfunctional behaviors rooted in childhood.

Providing New Tools for Success

Emotions can be managed by learning healthy coping tools. Accountability for maintaining behavioral change is key.

Breaking the Cycle

Identifying and replacing dysfunctional behavior is necessary for healing to begin.

One Generation at a Time

We are one generation away from eliminating family and domestic violence. The Center focuses on next-generation outcomes for best long-term results.