The Second Generation Program

The Center is leading the way with the Second Generation Program. This innovative program is aimed at healing children who experience violence in the home and breaking the cycle of abuse. Developed by professionals at the Center, the Second Generation Program is peer-reviewed, with an emphasis on stopping the intergenerational transmission of violence.  Second Generation is designed for children from violent homes and their non-abusing parents.  Children come with many after-effects of their trauma. Through the group, they learn to discuss their experiences and cope in a healthy way.

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Approximately 5 Million Children

Each year in the United States approximately five million children experience some form of traumatic event.

Approximately 5 Million Children

More than two million of these are victims of physical or sexual abuse. Millions more are living in the terrorizing atmosphere of domestic violence.

Approximately 5 Million Children

By the time a child reaches the age of eighteen, the probability that any child will have been touched directly by interpersonal or community violence is approximately one in three

Each year in the United States approximately five million children experience some form of  traumatic event. Traumatic experiences can have a devastating impact on the child, altering their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Traumatic events in childhood increase the risk for a host of social, neuropsychiatric, and physical health problems throughout life.

As with most situations, children seek answers and comfort from adults around them, yet we often feel helpless in this role. Indeed, most traumatic experiences challenge the most mature and experienced adult. While adults do not have all the answers, they can help children better understand the traumatic event and the ways we respond to the trauma.

If the primary caregivers are impacted by the same trauma, it is imperative that they get the treatment that compliments the work with the child. Indeed, the best intervention for infants and young children is treating the primary caregiving adults. As they become less anxious, fearful and impaired, the more available they are to the infant and toddler.

Contrary to popular belief, even infants and very young children experiencing traumatic events can be affected. Indeed, there is increasing evidence to suggest that the younger a child, the more pervasive are the post-traumatic problems.

These are a few simple points to keep in mind. The infant’s world is defined by his or her caregivers. If the caregivers are preoccupied, depressed, anxious, exhausted, or absent due to post-traumatic symptoms, this will adversely impact the young child.

Facts About the Program

Launched in 2012 and the first of its kind nationwide, participants in the Second Generation Program have achieved:

  • A 32% reduction in PTSD symptoms
  • A 42% reduction in overall symptoms

In a healing environment, children will:

  • Learn how to talk about their experience
  • Develop positive coping skills
  • Meet other kids with similar experiences
  • Participate in activities that foster growth and development

For more information on this groundbreaking approach, developed here at the Center, fill out the form below or call our office at (530) 626-1450.