Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Support Groups

The Center has day and evening groups, for women and men who have experienced verbal, emotional, financial, sexual or physical abuse in their intimate relationships. Call the number above to learn more during regular business hours.

Call for Support Group Information

(530) 626-1450

Benefits of Support Groups

  • Reduce Isolation – the most important step toward taking back your life.
  • An atmosphere of acceptance and a source of positive feedback.
  • Opportunity to be heard by those who understand the cycle of abuse.
  • Bonding and trust-building experiences.
  • Sharing available options, tools, techniques proven to work.
  • Promote awareness of self-determination and choices, leading to personal empowerment.
  • Banish confusion, realization that “I’m not crazy after all.”

Programs to Solve Abuse

Positive Solutions provides a safe environment for clients to accept responsibility for their actions, develop skills to respond to conflict more productively, and gain additional insight by hearing about others’ experiences.  Participants learn where abusive behaviors come from and what to do about them. Learn more.