Creating Transformational Change

The Center is shifting the paradigm to break the cycle of generational violence by recognizing that prevention is part of solving the problem for good. Beyond crisis support, we teach healthy living skills.

Our innovative programs, backed by data science, drive transformational change for individuals and families. We address the needs of each family member including the person who acts out, the victim, and the witnesses. We help families to resolve conflict and boost coping skills through proven training. Our facilitators teach more productive mindsets and develop confidence in each individual that results in behavioral change.

The data shows that giving people hope and empowerment helps them do better. We envision a world where every family member is heard and respected. By solving challenges, we aim to keep families together to grow and thrive.

It is time to move beyond a crisis-oriented approach. Let us show you how.

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Students Enrolled in 2020
Kids and Teens brought in through the TEACH program

How We've Grown

The Center was developed as a safe haven for women and families in crisis, providing security and resources to ensure healing from sexual abuse and trauma. Since its founding, The Center has grown to provide education, counseling, and assistance programs that improve lives. We pride ourselves on:

  • Putting the individual first in healing and growth.
  • Helping families stay together.
  • Ensuring all members of the family are heard and respected.
  • Shifting the pardigm of crisis intervention.
  • Ending generational patterns of abuse.
  • Robust education and behavioral services.

The Center heals children and families impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence. Founded in 1979, The Center is recognized at the local, state, and national levels for its innovative programs, and its ability to provide essential services to families in need.

Science-based data on the impacts of children and trauma shows focusing on Next Generation behaviors is more effective than victim-centric services. Addressing the root cause from early life experience provides the opportunity to actually eliminate domestic violence.

The Center is a leader in a performance-driven approach that increases effectiveness and accountability. It measures the impact of each program to a new standard, the Theory of Change.

The Center’s highly qualified staff and elite board are intentional and direct in using what they have learned to create programs that heal and improve lives for victims, families, and even perpetrators in El Dorado County.