Abusive behavior is learned and can be unlearned. The Positive Solutions program provides a safe environment for clients to accept responsibility for their actions, develop skills to respond to conflict more productively, and gain additional insight by hearing about others’ experiences.  Participants learn where abusive behaviors come from and what to do about them.

Positive Solutions focuses on:

  • How to immediately stop abusive behavior by developing alternative response skills and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Helping participants enhance awareness of their own emotional capacity and an appreciation of feelings and emotions.
  • Changing attitudes and eliminating false expectations that have contributed to abusive behavior.

Positive Solutions Courses

  • Men’s Alternatives to Abusive Patterns (MAAP)
  • Changing Abusive Patterns (CAP)
  • Anger Management

All of the classes follow the same curriculum, which was developed at The Center. Informed by the Duluth Model, it was last revised in 2019, and is beginning to be adopted by other agencies. Modules in the curriculum cover the cycle of abuse, responsibility, accountability, childhood wounds, vulnerability, gender roles, forgiveness, conflict resolution, and healthy communication. The classes are gender-segregated. The MAAP class is for men and the CAP class is for women. Both the MAAP & CAP classes are California State Certified as 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Programs (BIP).

These classes are delivered in two phases: Phase 1 is where participants learn core anger management tools and concepts. In Phase 2, participants begin to explore the root causes of abusive behaviors, and apply tools learned in Phase 1. The Anger Management class is incorporated in the first phase of MAAP and CAP and meets Court Ordered Anger Management requirements.

For class schedules, more information or to schedule an intake appointment, please contact our coordinator at (530) 295-4208 and complete the intake packet, Positive Solutions Enrollment Packet


For class schedules, more information or to schedule an intake appointment, fill out the form or contact our coordinator at (530) 295-4208